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  • Make the payment

  • Delivery

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  • 1.Worldwide express service ensures all the products can be delivered to most of countries & regions.

  • 2.You can track your order according to the tracking number after your order is delivering.

  • 3.When the courier delivers your order, check the carton before signing for it.

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General Q&A

1.What is the warranty policy?

Each GEOTEL purchased from an authorized reseller has a 12 months warranty from the date of purchase, provide by the web-store where you purchased the device. For any after-sale support, please contact web-store for warranty.

2.Where can I purchase Geotell phones?

You can purchase any Geotel products from our authorized stores, check here:

3.Are Geotel smartphones allow to be rooted?

Geotel smartphones are allow to be rooted,butwe don’t suggest you have the phone rooted. Once the device is rooted,you will lose warranty in accordance with the rule of warranty of Geotel.

4.How to check if the networld frequance is compatible to the country&region I live in?

1) Check what network standard and what frequency bands your phone supports ;
2) Search your local network operator via Google browser to learn more about the latest local network standard and the frequency bands;
3) If there is a frequency bands which your phone supports matched with the local frequency bands, the phone can be used in your country®ion.

5.The data network can not be accessed.

Make sure Data network switch is turned on, after that if the network is still not working, you need to check by the following methods:
1) Contact your operator to confirm whether your SIM cardopen the Internet access;
2) Check whether the current network signal is stable, if it is not, please try again in the different place with stable network signal.
3) Turn Airplane mode on, then turn on data networks and try to access the Internet;
4) Reset the Internet Parameters: settings - more - Cellular networks - APN-- reset to the default settings, then try to restart the phone after the reset;
5) Replace the SIM card: Check whether there is a poor contact between the SIM card and the SIM card tray, if SIM card is changed, it still not work, we suggest that you contact the reseller to apply for warranty or refund.

6.The phone does not recognize the SD Card.

After the phone installed the SD card, you can read your SD card in two ways:
1) Enter the settings - storage and USB - SD card (if you can’t read it, the SD card option won’t display);
2) Go to File Manager - Storage - to see if there is an SD card option;

If your phone does not recognize the memory card appears, the following method is recommended by the investigation:
1) Check the capacity of the memory card, to see whether your card is within maximum space limit which your phone can support, and then try to restart the phone;
2) Insert the SD card into another phone, see if you can normally use, or install a different SD card on your the phone (check whether SD card, SD card slot is damaged);
3) Data backup SD card, formatted the SD card to see if it’s normal;
4) Backup important data (contacts, multimedia files, etc.) to restore the factory settings (Settings - Backup&reset - Factory data reset).
If the problem persists, we recommend that you contact the reseller to apply for warranty or refund.

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